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Snap a receipt, and we handle the rest for you!
We are the fastest pre-accounting tool in
the industry. Here is what we do.
Add receipts in minutes, not weeks.
Snap a photo and we parse your receipt. 
Our advanced AI parses your receipts/vendor invoices in different languages and currencies, and files your expenses for you.
Instantly create and approve petty cash envelopes digitally.
Crew can add expenses to envelopes in seconds. Admins and approvers can track and approve envelopes anytime, anywhere.
Ideal for production accountants and execs.
Track crew expenses real-time and generate accounting reports.
Check expense/receipt status, capture approvals, and generate tax and accounting reports for platforms like Smart Accounting, Extreme Reach, PSL, and many more. No more chasing crew! 
Stay on budget with our bank integration
and instant app notifications.
Connect your cards for seamless receipt matching. No p-cards? No problem.
We parse bank data to match your receipts with the right transactions. See where money is going real-time, across your crew members and departments.
Get notified when your card is swiped or approval is required.
Never lose your receipts with real-time purchase alerts. Approve envelopes and purchase orders on the go.
Purchase Orders and Petty Cash, all in one place!
Create and approve purchase orders with just a tap of a button.
No more phone tag. Easily create, approve, and track purchase orders on our website or mobile app.
Track expenses and inventory live for all your productions worldwide.
Easily switch between your productions.
Backdrop lets you add and manage multiple productions all in one place. Available on both mobile and web.
Don't let millions of inventory go to waste.
We track every item you purchase and generate a live inventory list. We can even pull item-level data straight from the source (e.g. Amazon), so you can easily decide whether to reuse, sell, or donate.
What our customers are
saying about Backdrop.
“The coordinators are going to have a picture of you in their office.”
- Milena G, Production Accountant
“Our modern, easy to use software saves you and your crew valuable time that’s spent on receipts, reconciliations, and returns and gives you reports in the format of your choice.”
- Lena David, CEO
It’s time to say goodbye to chasing receipts.
Eliminate 20+ hours of manual work per department per week
With Backdrop, crew members and accountants don’t have to spend time on manually entering receipt data and getting approvals. On average, an expense claim takes >45 min to process today. 
Stay on budget by having real-time cash flow visibility 
Productions go over-budget when expenses are not filed on time. Backdrop makes it easy to add receipts and brings your bank and receipt data all in one place. See real-time spend across your entire production and easily compare with your budget. 
Reduce audits and get tax refunds faster
Eliminate human errors and missing details using Backdrop’s smart parsing technology. We generate your tax reports, so you can get your refunds faster. And digitized receipts and expense details make audits a breeze. 
Save millions of dollars of inventory by having item-level data
See what is being purchased real-time and easily monetize your inventory. Reuse, sell, or donate. 
Don’t pay for fragmented software 
Backdrop works globally, with your existing bank and accounting systems. Bring your receipt, bank, and PO data all in one place. We support multiple languages and currencies, making financial reporting a breeze no matter where you are. 
Modern software that’s easy to use
Tired of using decades old technology? Backdrop is intuitive and easy to use for everyone - purchasers, approvers, and admins. 
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